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The People Behind the Voices

During the month of October 2017, Dr. Julia Walker Haley, stepped out on faith to begin a new musical path.  Listening to cds written by other gospel/recording artists one day, she yielded herself as the Holy Spirit nudged her to write her own cd.  While listening to the Holy Spirit she could hear Him saying, "It's Time To Move Forward."

The voices behind our songs came to fruition with much thought and seeking God in reference to what path to take.  One thing the Holy Spirit will do is ensure anyone who takes a leap of faith to just go forward and let God lead the way.

Mona Warren came to mind.  She humbly accepted the task of becoming a background vocalist.  After Mona answered her heavenly call in 2020, her sister, Shanovia Warren, desired to carry on her legacy. 


Missionary Shelia Jones felt the Holy Spirit compelling us to go forward even during our times of distress.  She and Mona gave unselfishly of their time to complete our first project "WALKING ON 'SON' SHINE."  We have continued through many challenges to embrace this  opportunity to share our calling with the world.  We decided to stay "All Lit Up" for Jesus despite the challenges we have faced such as Hurricane Michael and the Covid-19 Pandemic.  

We know God will endow us with the power and knowledge to stay on course.  We will not stop seeking God's face and staying at the feet of Jesus while embracing our call to reach out and touch those who know or want to know God more fully.  We pray our next project will come to fruition by the end of this year.

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